BlooLoc releases the yooBee Wrist Tag

The yooBee Wrist Tag has arrived!! It is the latest extension of BlooLoc's indoor positioning solution and is ideally suitable for tracking elderly people in senior residents and care centers. A very interesting use case in those environments is wander detection and geofencing. Furthermore, the yooBee Wrist Tag (or "bracelet" as it is already called by some residents currently using it in Canada) is also very well suited for tracking the behaviour and repeated patterns (washing, going to bathroom, to dining room, walk in the corridor, etc) of the elderly. 

The following extract from a testimonial proves the importance of tracking elderly:

"The transition from home to the senior residence has been a 'life changing event' for my 86-year old mom and the rest of our family. The bracelet has provided a wealth of information and has given me 'peace of mind' knowing her movements throughout the day and at night. Existing reporting processes in health care charting in patient records would never provide this wealth of information. It is impossible for team members to document everything pertaining to a resident. The information the tracking bracelet provides regarding my mother shows the things she is participating in outside the regular daily organized activities: no longer staying in her room, mingling with other residents talking and walking in hallways throughout the day and evening, spending time in the large common room working on jigsaw puzzles with her new friends, not exit-seeking or trying to leave the unit, is she up at night and how often, are other residents coming into her room and who..."

Other potential applications for this yooBee Wrist Tag are aggression alert in psychiatric centers or prisons, tracking children in large indoor public spaces, etc.