Pygmalios demonstrates shopping cart tracking at Retail Summit 2017 in Prague

Pygmalios Analytics (, Bratislava, Slovak Republic) will demonstrate BlooLoc's indoor positioning technology to track shopping carts and baskets in supermarkets at the Retail Summit 2017 in Prague from Jan 30th till Feb 1st, 2017.


Pygmalios Analytics has a unique tool dedicated to customer behaviour analytics across retail segments. It provides real-time insight into what is happening in stores based on data collected from various physical sensors. Pygmalios enables its customers (retail stores, supermarkets) to access a new universe of information about their store, based in the cloud, which makes it available anywhere. This new approach will help them to increase their turnover, optimize expenditures and tackle customer satisfaction in the real-time environment.

Pygmalios has already installed yooBee beacons and basestations in several supermarkets. By connecting the yooBee tags to shopping carts and baskets, they are able to track the journey of the customer through the store and derive heat maps, hotspots, dwell time, stop or stand-still areas, etc.