Tracking of kids on school buses with CloudGate

CloudGate is a very modular device to connect virtually everything to the cloud. In cooperation with BlooLoc, Option has extended the CloudGate with a BLE module. With BlooLoc's firmware, the Cloudgate can be configured as a yooBee Basestation. Connectivity to the cloud can be realized in different ways (Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G, etc). 

The CloudGate is used in a project to detect the presence of kids on school buses. The kids have to wear a yooBee tag (keyfob or badge on a lanyard). The yooBee root firmware on the CloudGate will detect the presence of the kids on the bus and report it over 3G/4G to the cloud. The device is powered by the battery of the school bus. GPS coordinates of the bus are also reported. Parents can track where their children are on their way to or from school and when they safely arrived at school or when they are expected back home.

By adding a couple of yooBee beacons on the bus, not only presence can be detected, but also location in the bus (front, middle, rear, etc) can be obtained.