Call for assistance

Brick-and-mortar stores have one very important advantage compared to web shops: they can offer a customer prompt assistance by a real person, where and when the customer needs it. In most stores however, a customer has to queue and wait until the next salesperson becomes available, leading to impatience and frustration, often resulting in missed sales opportunities.

With yooBee-enabled Call-for-Assistance, customers get assistance at the spot where they need it, and only when they need it. This way the customer can enjoy his or her shopping journey while waiting for the assistance at the spot anywhere in the store where the salesperson will find them. This leads to more conversions, up-and cross-selling opportunities and less missed sales.

Key benefits

  • Improves the shopping experience: customer does not have to find staff. Instead, staff finds the customer
  • Increases the opportunities for up-and-cross-selling since the shopper can spend more time in the store
  • Prevents lost sales by preventing walkouts of shoppers that didn’t get the assistance they needed