Navigation (in-and outdoor) on Corda Campus

Navigation (in-and outdoor) on Corda Campus

Navigation (in-and outdoor) on Corda Campus

Navigation to indoor locations is unique

Most people use Google Maps or Waze to get to a certain (outdoor) location. "Piece of cake!" because this outdoor location is uniquely and universally specified: country - city - street - number. The same was, up till now, impossible for an indoor location like "go to 'Board room' in Corda 1". No online app will help you find that location... The yooBee smart navigation app does!!

What is the "yooBee Link"?

Companies residing at Corda Campus can access a web page provided by BlooLoc to generate a yooBee Link to the location where they want to invite their visitors to. A yooBee Link is a unique and clearly defined pointer to an indoor location. The company can paste this link into the invitation email and the visitor can now see where the meeting will take place and how to navigate from his current location to the site or venue (Corda Campus) using Google Maps. Once arrived at the site, the visitor will be guided to the right building, to the right floor, to the right room! Indoors!!


Integration with 3D mapping and navigation

Visioglobe ( has great tools for digital map design and navigation using the shortest or (e.g. for disabled, the best accessible) route. BlooLoc and Visioglobe cooperated to integrate their solutions, resulting in the unique yooBee smart navigation app based on your actual position.

Beta version

At this moment, the beta version of this unique smart navigation app is ready for use and testing indoors in 2 of the 9 buildings at the Corda Campus. Companies residing in the other buildings will be able to invite their visitors to the reception of their building.

The video clearly illustrates the unique navigation concept. A visitor arrives at Corda Campus for a meeting with a company. He opens the yooBee app and types the name of the company where his meeting will be. The app shows where the office of the company is located and shows the route to the right building. 

Once arrived at the building, a detailed map of the indoor environment is show and the navigation path continues seamlessly, guiding the visitor to the right office.



With 9 buildings, 250 companies and 5.000 employees, it is not always easy for a visitor to find its way. With the yooBee navigation app, we tackle this problem! You can either receive a tablet at the reception or download the app on your own smartphone, to easily find your way on our Corda Campus. It is a high-tech application on an innovative technology-campus, which makes it a perfect match and it fits seamlessly with our DNA. This is by far the most accurate positioning in an indoor setting I have ever seen. The 3D map and navigation are very easy to use, intuitive and are a great guidance tool on Corda Campus. We can be proud of this!

Raf Degens
General manager at Corda Campus (Hasselt)