At the Ridgewood Assisted Living, a senior care residence in Bridgewater (Canada), yooBee technology powers "The Internet of CareTM" by Nxtgen Care with accurate location data about the senior residents.

The Internet of Care for senior residents

The Internet of Care ("IoC") is a powerful, agnostic, end-to-end solution focused on seniors living in care and loaded with Enhanced Care features, Preventive Care and Safety. It provides unprecedented data-driven actionable insights to all key stakeholders (the residents, their families, the care providers and staff and the owner/operators) to determine and then improve the meaningfulness of care.

The IoC solution ingests data from a variety of sources and systems, some legacy and others highly innovative.

Measuring the meaningfulness of care with yooBee

Nxtgen Care installed yooBee Sensors and Hubs at the Ridgewood as the preferred infrastructure for their solution.

"The senior residents at the Ridgewood carry a fashionable and sophisticated wearable (we call it a livable) to give us accurate indoor positioning coordinates", says David Burke, Founder & CEO at Nxtgen Care. "These livables have a button that seniors can press, whenever they need some assistance, wherever they are at the facility."

yooBee provides the position coordinates of every resident on a per-second basis and can generate call-for-assistance and geo-fence events.

Nxtgen Care selects BlooLoc

Nxtgen Care ( is a software company innovating in the senior care space. "For our IoC solution we needed a partner to provide a low cost, easy to deploy solution for accurate indoor positioning of the seniors, that would provide low to zero barriers for adoption in a senior care environment", says Burke.

"We searched the globe and looked into a number of technologies. BlooLoc not only made our top 10 picks, but they also stood head-and-shoulders above competitors in terms of culture, vision and shared values regarding innovation for the benefit of those living in care.

yooBee exceeded our battery life criteria with almost 20x and their light-powered receivers are easy to deploy. BlooLoc's team is diverse and accessible, adding huge value to our team. Acknowledging that we are a start-up on a separate continent, BlooLoc has recognized the value of our business model and showed flexibility to help us scale up."

The role of the IoC for Ridgewood

The Ridgewood is a premier assisted living community in the picturesque riverside town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia (Canada). They engaged Nxtgen Care to deploy the IoC to revolutionalize their care and provide a higher level of transparency and commitment to care.

"Our quality of care has increased and team members are working smarter, not harder. With the IoC in their pocket, team members report greater workplace satisfaction and labor costs due to inefficiencies could be reduced", says Andrea Whalen, manager at Ridgewood Assisted Living.

"Family members consistently report greater peace of mind. They can access the IoC from anywhere, any time, on any device and "check-in" on their loved one, knowing that they not only receive the care they deserve but also that this care is meaningful."

"Both Nxtgen Care and BlooLoc care about seniors and believe technology can enhance care and positively impact the lives of seniors. I am só happy to be part of such a powerful and meaningful change!", concludes Andrea.

The internet of care in Canada