Covid-19 solutions: contact tracing and social distance monitoring

Stay operational after COVID-19

The Corona pandemic brought many new challenges to our private and work life. For businesses and educational institutions, the main priority is staying operational in the safest possible way. With yooBee, our smart monitoring solution for contact tracing and social distancing, you have the perfect tool to keep your workplace secure and your business running. Especially when you’re in a re-start process after COVID-19, we help you care for staff, employees and visitors.

Trace high-risk contacts

yooBee offers the most precise tech solution on the market for employers to log unsafe contacts within the company walls. Sensors measure all contacts between your employees wearing a tracker device or having the app running on their mobile phone.

  • All obstacles are marked in your personalized floor plan
  • Exact duration of the contact is measured
  • The right parameters for distance and direction are used, not only the 1,5m distance rule


Taking all these parameters into consideration, our intelligent offering for contact tracing provides the most accurate, advanced risk measurement of contacts available.

Get insights for smart safety measures

Heatmaps and analytics from yooBee give you unique insights to make sure you and your COVID-crisis team can take swift, founded decisions for workplace and employee safety.

  • Evaluate and change existing measures
  • Implement new protection measures
  • Make the right investments for your prevention plan
  • Monitor and report on the impact of your security arrangements daily

Prevent unsafe situations

yooBee is your guide when it comes to preventing virus outbreaks in your enterprise. Based on the dashboard’s heat maps you can easily limit the number of high-risk contacts to avoid a second lockdown for your business.

  • Design optimal walking routes
  • Change office layouts
  • Alert your employees for potential risks or infection exposure
  • Give clear instructions to your cleaning staff

Limit possible outbreaks firmly

Should a COVID-19 contamination in your company occur, impact on your business should be minimal. BlooLoc’s automated solution helps you to act instantly and keep your business confident and continuous under any circumstances.

  • Have a secured view on all potential high-risk contacts of the infected employee
  • Isolate and inform other employees at risk instantly
  • Secure and clean the necessary locations

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Key Features


Have access to useful data like heat maps and cloud dashboards to quickly analyse and adapt current layouts and measures. Report, advise and act based on proven facts.


Your data and that of your workforce is protected in the closed yooBee cloud console. Only administrators have access to encrypted details.


Installing tracker devices and sensors from our out-of-the-box solution is simple. You don’t need a technical setup or extra training to use wearables or mobile apps.


All contacts are encrypted and stored anonymously. Our tool doesn’t give real-time views on where and when employees are. Only in case of an outbreak, an authorized HR responsible can generate a secured list of names.


BlooLoc assures a smooth and ongoing continuation of your business. Trace and prevent daily. Act and communicate fast when needed.


Repurpose our app & trackers for way-finding, asset and people tracking and in-company navigation. We make any location smart, why not yours?

Our product

yooBee is a smart technology solution integrating both hardware and software. Combine the hardware sensors, mounted on premise and powered by a solar panel and rechargeable battery, with either


Wearables like badges, wrist bands, hangers, clips or other tracker devices. These can be remotely managed through the cloud console for configuration, over-the-air updates, battery status monitoring and event logging.

Mobile app

The yooBee Mobile SDK that facilitates integration of Indoor Positioning in mobile native apps, running on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.


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