Covid-19 whitepaper

We're getting out of lockdown and our businesses are up&running again. But danger is still ahead. The covid-19 virus is out there and it might hit your company premises any day.

How can you make sure your employees and guests are safe within your company walls? And can you try to keep the impact of an infection as minimal as possible for your production, sales and way of doing business in general? Sure you can, there are plenty of measures to take. Some better than others, we gladly list them for you. Even when you decide to call in smart technology for help, there are certain pro's and con's for every solution.

BlooLoc guides you through your different options in digital world of contact tracing apps. We're happy to share our expertise in this whitepaper.

Read more on intelligent tools to secure your business & workforce post-pandemic.

  • Why even invest in tech?
  • Protect your workforce, but also your brand & image.
  • Keep your business running. Avoiding a 2nd shutdown, is that possible?
  • Enforce your current safety measures with technology
  • A wide choice of smart apps, including the public corona app. Which is the smartest? And why?


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