Indoor navigation & wayfinding

GPS-based car navigation has long since become a valuable standard technology for everyone. Nowadays, indoor navigation on smartphones is increasingly gaining interest, particularly in large public areas such as airports, train or metro-stations, large shopping centers, conference exhibitions, museums, etc.

Indoor Navigation enables your visitors:

  • To find their current location and orientation on a map
  • To search for and to locate Points Of Interest (POI’s) on a map
  • To reach selected destinations via the shortest route


Indoor navigation at airports

Airports are a perfect example of a large public venue with great complexity, in which travelers must find their way under time pressure. When you have to make it to your connecting gate on time, yooBee knows the shortest distance, the queuing time at the security check and can tell you when you should proceed to the gate for boarding. If you need to find the closest ATM or restrooms, yooBee will guide you there. All of this gives you peace of mind to relax, shop and dine at the airport without stress.

Indoor navigation in shopping malls

Shopping malls are another example of venues with overwhelming dimensions. Finding the stores of your interest, with promotions at the day you visit the mall and that following the "ideal trajectory" isn't a challenge anymore when guided by yooBee.