Real Time Location systems enable precise indoor navigation & wayfinding

Indoor GPS based on Bluetooth Low Energy

Indoor GPS based on Bluetooth Low Energy

GPS-based car navigation has long since become a valuable standard technology for everyone. Just as outdoor navigation and GPS, indoor navigation makes it easier to find your way inside buildings. As buildings become more complex, owners and facility managers can use indoor navigation to direct visitors to key locations.

  • Indoor navigation gives your visitors directions where GPS signals are not accessible
  • Reduce signage costs by implementing a more flexible solution
  • You’re visitors will feel more at ease and thus spend more time at your venue

Indoor Navigation enables your visitors

  • To find their current location and orientation on a map
  • To search for and to locate Points Of Interest (POI’s) on a map
  • To reach selected destinations via the shortest route
  • Recalculation of the route if deviated
  • Seamless transition outdoors on a site with multiple buildings
Indoor Navigation enables your visitors

Who uses indoor navigation?

Indoor navigation is suitable for many businesses and industries

  • Airports and travel hubs
  • Office buildings
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals & healthcare institutions

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