More freedom of movement in a safe, monitored environment

What is wander management?

Elderly care facilities and nursing homes are increasingly implementing wander management as efficient care technology. In this way you create personalized freedom of movement tailored to the needs of residents with dementia who are prone to wander.

With the help of wander management, you can preserve the open character of your care facility and give residents as much freedom and movement as possible. Doors no longer need to be locked. Residents have all the space they need to move around freely while being under constant supervision. Wander management includes a wandering detection and prevention system and are configured based upon the care profile of each resident.

Wander detection

Why implement wander detection as emergency call system?

  • Automatic alarm notification in case of residents wandering
  • Increase residents' freedom of movement
  • Ensure a higher quality of life for residents
  • Keep an overview with real-time location tracking
  • Reduce the workload of caregivers

Residents wear a wristband with Bluetooth connection. As soon as a high-risk resident enters a restricted area, the staff is automatically notified via a mobile device or DECT. By sending alarm notifications with the real-time location of the resident, the caregiver can quickly intervene and guide the resident back to a safe zone. Alerting staff is instantly, calls response time is reduced drastically and senior care is taken to the next level.

Wandering detection can be implemented at both room level and unit level. Define safe zones dynamically and virtually with geofences.

How do wander prevention and access control work?

When a resident approaches a door, the technology picks up that person's location. Thanks to the personalized care profile, the door is automatically secured if necessary, of course completely unnoticeable to the resident himself.

  • Open or lock doors automatically depending on the residents’ care profile and prevent them from getting lost in the care facility
  • Enable residents with different care needs to live together in one and the same area
  • Give residents with dementia freedom, but within a safe environment and under your supervision
Wander prevention and access control

All advantages at a glance

All-in-one cloud platform

All-in-one cloud platform

only 1 infrastructure for all services


visibility at any time, anywhere in the building
Open API

Open API

integration with other healthcare technology solutions and communication systems

Combine with our other solutions

Mobile nurse call

Mobile nurse call

Create more safety with a mobile nurse call system. The button on the wristband can be used anywhere in the care facility.

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