Medical equipment tracking

Large organizations such as hospitals and residential care centers often encounter difficulties in keeping track of where all medical equipment and devices are located. Wheelchairs and walkers are scattered throughout the corridors, portable scanners, ICU ventilators, and mobile infusion pumps rarely have a fixed place. With a yooBee Tracker attached to these objects, the organization always has an up-to-date overview of the location of this equipment and can save time and money, and reduce equipment theft or accidental loss.

This feature has a clear ROI for the hospital: it results in fewer investments in "reserve equipment", less searching, more efficiency and better productivity. Estimates indicate that hospitals will purchase 20%-25% more portable equipment than actually required for operational needs, so that staff may find at least one when they need it. With less equipment purchased, obviously the capital expenditure is lower, but there is also a reduction in the cost of depreciation, storage, and maintenance.

Furthermore, tracking medical equipment helps to find the right device when a technician comes for maintenance, and compliance with regulations regarding proper disinfection between uses by different patients can be monitored.