Mobile nurse call with localization

The yooBee mobile nurse call system is a contemporary alternative to the fixed red alarm button in a patient's room (button on the wall, bedside alarm or next to the toilet or shower). The system is not tied to one specific room but offers coverage throughout the entire building.

In addition, the patient or senior resident with his yooBee Wrist Tracker immediately calls the nearest nurses, regardless of their location in the building. The person asking for assistance gets an acknowledgment (green LED) to indicate that the call has been registered. The nurses or staff members that are in the immediate vicinity will get a notification on their mobile device. With yooBee, the nursing staff can monitor the exact location of a patient without having to perform a physical search

 As the yooBee Wrist Tracker has NFC built-in, the call request can be accepted by the medical staff member through contact with their mobile device, allowing them to register response time statistics to mobile nurse calls.

In hospitals, the existing identification system with QR code can be linked to the wristband.

Why a mobile nurse call system can be of great benefit to hospitals or residential care centers:

  • Improves patient/resident safety: an emergency call is possible, even if the person in need cannot reach the fixed system (eg falling out of bed, elevator, stairs, etc.)

  • Reduces alarm response time: the person in need can be easily found