3 in-store customer experience annoyances & how to fix them with smart technology
08 May 2020


Customer expectations continue to rise. Today’s empowered consumer wants an easy and stress-free shopping experience with exceptional customer service at all times. In reality, most shoppers encounter unnecessary friction. Meeting these expectations is a significant challenge for retailers.

Below is an overview of 3 common frustrations associated with in-store shopping and more importantly, how retailers can prevent them with smart technology.

The unfindable product

There’s always that one item you just can’t find. Your hunt commences. Aisle after aisle, you try to locate that specific product. Is it still in stock?  Shop assistants are too busy with other customers. The product is never found and you leave home empty-handed.

It is a shame for retailers to miss out on revenue just because customers cannot locate a product. People’s most valuable asset is their time. When their time is wasted, retailers will risk losing them to competitors.  Shoppers who keep wandering around will ultimately decide “I’ll buy it somewhere else” or "I’ll buy it online”.          

Such frustration can easily be solved by offering customers an app on their smartphone that they can use to locate products themselves. With yooBee product finding customers can see if the product is still in stock, where it is located and the exact walking route. Employees no longer have to free up time to provide mere walking directions but have more time to provide personal advice.

The search for advice

You finally found the product you were looking for and then suddenly you start to doubt. Which model should I take? What is the difference between this version and the other one? You could really use some advice. You look around the store and find no employees available. In the distance, you see a help desk. Unfortunately on the other side of the store and with a huge queue. 

Finally after waiting for a long time, it is your turn. Unfortunately, the employee cannot help you at the counter and you both have to walk back to the aisle. Others waiting in line are left impatient. The helpdesk remains unmanned. Customers become even more frustrated and decide to leave the store without advice and also without their product.

With yooBee Call for assistance, this is a thing of the past. The customer pushes the button to inform an employee that he needs help, advice or assistance, from any place in the store. The call automatically ends up in a general digital queue, or in the digital queue of a specific employee. In the meantime, the customer can continue to shop and look around for other offers. No more waiting in line at the counter for an available employee!

The store's staff can handle the queue in sequence via a smartphone or tablet and can see the exact position of the customer in real-time. The employee can then meet up the customer at this location. The system allows the customer to continue shopping but with confirmation that help is on the way. In addition, the shopper is kept informed of the estimated waiting time via notifications.

Long lines at checkout counters

Retailers often face overcapacity at various moments during the day. Long queues are formed. Employees at the checkout counters do their utmost best to help everyone as quickly as possible. However, customers often get frustrated. Sometimes so bad that they leave the queue to go home empty-handed.

With yooBee data analytics can be requested in order to assign your employees more efficiently during the day. Prevent frustration by gaining a better understanding of your customers. Get more insight in how much time they spend in your store and how they move around. Reduce the workload by always dealing with peak moments as efficiently as possible.

Retailers, do you want to raise your in-store customer experience to a higher level? Do you want to know how you can assign your staff more efficiently? Contact us and we will discuss your options together.

Below, you can find 5 benefits that you as a retailer can get from these smart solutions:

  • Ensure more satisfied customers by not giving frustration a chance
  • Avoid missed sales opportunities
  • Optimize staff efficiency
  • Create a digital experience in your store
  • Improve the shopping experience


image: Designed by katemangostar / Freepik