BlooLoc begins business operations in Dubai
24 Mar 2020

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is an ideal base of operations for BlooLocs location awareness services in the field of indoor positioning technology. BlooLoc's market strategy is to “smarten” locations such as conference halls, logistic warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, entertainment theme parks, hotel resorts, etc., based on accurate positioning of people or assets. Services include smartphone-based navigation to stores in large shopping malls, navigation for visitors in exhibitions and conference events, etc

BlooLoc's Dubai Based Contact

Filip De Vos is BlooLoc's direct contact person in Dubai and can provide you with in-depth knowledge regarding the considerable advantages and value proposition of indoor location-based services, whether in retail, logistics, healthcare, entertainment, conferences, or other. Challenge Filips expertise and ask him how you can best, "Smarten your Location", we’re certain you’ll be impressed with the possibilities.