yooBee in retail

There is a major opportunity for retailers to enhance customer experience and to increase shopper engagement by offering location-based services.

yooBee tracking can contribute significantly to the battle of brick-and-mortar stores with online shops, as it has the advantage of physical contact with the customer. We have developed smart services that improve the shopping experience and enable more efficient and effective store operations.


Most store owners evaluate their store's performance and success purely based on transaction data and profit monitoring. However, studies have shown that "basket value" can be increased by keeping the customer longer in the store. Retailers would like to know how their customers "browse their store" and stroll through the store, where most of them stop and pass by, how the location of product categories can influence the shopping behavior. We believe it is very important to respect privacy, and therefore avoid camera-based systems to this analysis. Tracking shopping carts and baskets with yooBee trackers can be done completely anonymous and gives retailers accurate information on the in-store customer journey, movement and dwell-time.

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