The software part of the yooBee Indoor Postionining and Tracking System consists of several components:

  • yooBee Cloud Server: this contains the main intelligence of the system. It runs the yooBee positioning engine and contains the database with the floorplans, the configurations and the calibration data of all the venues where yooBee is deployed. Furthermore it performs license management, user management and authentication.
  • yooBee Cloud Console: this is the on-line GUI ( with a comprehensive set of web-based tools to configure a venue and prepare for commissioning (see below for more details)
  • yooBee Cloud API
  • yooBee Mobile Development SDKs


Cloud Server

The yooBee Cloud Server contains state-of-the-art indoor positioning software that uses sensor fusion algorithms to compute the most likely position based on sensor data, RSSI measurements and floorplan information.

The database of the Cloud Server contains the floorplans, the configurations and setups and the calibration data (signal propagation models) of all the venues where the yooBee solution is installed as well as the identification and configuration data of all hardware devices (hubs, sensors, trackers).

The positioning data and events generated by the yooBee Cloud Server are accessible on-line via the Cloud API. By default, the Cloud Server runs on servers that BlooLoc manages in the cloud, but, upon request, it can also be installed and configured in a private data center or cloud.


Cloud Console

The yooBee Cloud Console is a comprehensive set of web-based tools for:

  • Entering and editing indoor maps and venue structures (walls, obstacles)
  • Placing hubs and sensors on the map, including a precision map
  • Simulation support for app developers
  • Monitoring positions of trackers and smartphones
  • System configuration and monitoring: RF communication quality, device battery status, charging current, temperature.


Cloud API

The yooBee Cloud API is a web service, offered by BlooLoc's servers, accessible using secure HTTP and using JSON for data exchange.

The Cloud API defines methods:

  • To define and query the properties of a venue (floors, walls, obstacles)
  • To define and query the infrastructure (location and status of hubs/sensors)
  • To query the position of trackers or smartphones (real-time of 15 sec delayed)
  • To check movement of trackers or smartphones as well as presence or absence in the venue
  • To track the position of trackers or smartphones over time
  • To retrieve information about the occurrence of events (such as a button press)

Streaming APIs are provided as an efficient way to receive real-time updates of positions or events.


Mobile SDKs

The yooBee Mobile SDK facilitates integration of Indoor Positioning in mobile native apps, running on any iOS or Android (> 4.3) smartphone or tablet. With just a few lines of code, mobile apps can be made location-aware. As a developer you can choose to further process the location data yourself or make use of 2D and 3D visualization possibilities available in the SDK.

The SDK enables configuration, control and access to the Indoor Positioning service, which gathers data from your smartphone's or tablet's inertial sensors and computes the most likely position. This service can continue to run as the app is moved to the background.

The Indoor Positioning service runs on the smartphone or tablet and for privacy reasons the position information is contained in the device and positioning is possible without the device having access to the Internet. Alternatively, the Indoor Positioning service can be off-loaded to the Cloud Server to minimize the drain of the device's battery. 

The SDK comes with complete reference documentation and an example app which can also be used for immediate testing of your local deployment.