Starter Kit

The yooBee Starter Kit contains all you need to setup an indoor environment of around 500 m2.

It is ideal for small real-life deployments and can be used as a quick hands-on evaluation of the performance of the system. You will be able to experience how easy it is to install, configure, operate and maintain the system.

Furthermore, the Starter Kit is the ideal tool for developer teams that are working on their LBS (Location Based Service) application.




The purchase of a Starter Kit costs 2.250 euro (excl VAT, ex-Works price). This fee includes:

  • The hardware (see below) required for an area of around 500 m2
  • Free access for the first year (starting at the 1st of the month, following the date of purchase) to the yooBee Cloud Console ( 
  • License to use the yooBee Cloud API to retrieve the positioning data stream (JSON) from our online server
  • 3 "tickets" for support by email when setting up and operating the indoor positioning solution
  • Mobile SDK for integration in Androïd (v.4.3 and up) apps
  • Documentation:
    • Installation manual
    • Cloud Console user manual
    • SDK documentation

Note: If you want to use the on-line indoor positioning service and keep access to the cloud console after the initial period of 1 year, you will have to pay an annual use fee of 750 euro. 


Hardware Contents

The Starter Kit contains the following hardware:

  • 1  yooBee Hub
  • 15  yooBee Sensors
  •  yooBee Trackers
    • 1 Badge Tracker
    • 1 Wrist Tracker
    • 1 Keyfob Tracker
  • Accessories for the Hub
    • 1 Hub mounting bracket
    • 1 Hub power adapter – EU
    • Hub power adapter – Non EU
  • Accessoires for the yooBee Sensors:
    • 15 flat white metal brackets
    • 60 small screws to mount the metal brackets on the yooBee Sensors
    • 15 pieces of suction cup tape to attach the yooBee Sensors to windows
  • Accessoires for the yooBee Trackers
    • 1 Keyfob tracker Rubber
    • 1 Keyfob Tracker Clip
    • Extra coin cell batteries (in the small white box)

Everything is packaged in a handy cardboard box.