Wander detection and prevention

More freedom of movement for patients or residents without an increased risk of accidents? With yooBee Smart Care you can define a virtual safe zone. When someone goes outside the zone, an alarm goes off.

Some seniors show wander behavior and get up in the middle of the night. They leave their room and start wandering around or enter the room of another resident, etc.  For patients or residents who require more controlled freedom of movement, BlooLoc has developed its wander detection solution: the combination of the senior wearing a yooBee Wrist Tracker and geofencing* techniques provides a solution to notify the staff in case someone has left his/her room and is wandering.

* A geofence is a virtual zone or perimeter that is set around a physical location. Geofencing can be used to detect exiting a certain allowed zone, or entering a forbidden zone.

Geofencing can have different implementations:

  • A geofence can be defined around the room of the resident: once the resident exits the geofence, a notification is sent to the staff
  • A geofence can be defined in the corridor, close to the room of the resident. As soon as the resident enters the geofence, the room can automatically unlock.
  • A sequence of geofences can be defined in the vicinity of exits. A first geofence can be set when a resident is en route to the exit. This generates a warning message for the nursing staff. A 2nd geofence can be set right at the exit. When the resident tries to leave this zone, an alarm message is sent to the staff and the exit door can be locked automatically.