BlooLoc releases its yooBee Badge

BlooLoc has released an additional form-factor for its yooBee Tag: the badge version. This yooBee Badge has the same features as the "keyfob" version, but now also has a much longer lifetime (up to 5 years!). The yooBee Badge enables applications in office environments and staff (cleaning, guards, security) tracking.

BlooLoc is Silver Sponsor of "GEO IoT World" (Brussels, June 6-8, 2017)

As Silver Sponsor, BlooLoc invites you to attend the "GEO IoT World" event in Brussels, June 6-8, 2017.

BlooLoc releases its yooBee Wrist Tag

BlooLoc has released an additional form-factor for its yooBee Tag: the wrist-band version. This yooBee Wrist Tag has the same features as the "keyfob" version, but now has a more visually and tactile "panic" or "call-for-help" button. This enables applications in mental and nursery care, tracking seniors or patients.

Tracking of kids on school buses with CloudGate

BlooLoc has extended Option's CloudGate with functionality to act as a yooBee basestation in BlooLoc's indoor positioning solution. This is used to detect the presence of kids on school buses.

Pygmalios demonstrates shopping cart tracking with BlooLoc's technology at Retail Summit 2017

Pygmalios will demonstrate BlooLoc's indoor positioning technology to track shopping carts and baskets in supermarkets at the Retail Summit 2017 in Prague.

BlooLoc presents accurate indoor positioning technology for Airport Security at ACI-Europe

Accurate positioning and tracking of smartphones or mobile tags for enhanced airport security at the "Security & Crisis Management" summit of ACI-Europe in Brussels (The Square, 22-23 Nov 2016).

MCS Solutions presents BlooLoc's Indoor Postioning Solution at Smart Builldings event

During an event on "Smart Buildings: From Hype to Value", co-organized by MCS, ISS and Proximus, Steven Lambert, COO of MCS, presented 5 smart building business cases, one of which covered BlooLoc's Indoor Positioning Solution.

BlooLoc and CGI Nederland demonstrate indoor positioning solution at ESRI GIS conference

Esri and CGI Nederland will demonstrate indoor positioning, based on BlooLoc's yooBee technology, during Esri's GIS conference in Rotterdam (NL) on 21st and 22nd September 2016.

BlooLoc called "a top-performer" in GrizzlyAnalytics report

GrizzlyAnalytics has released its report on "GEO IoT Testbed results", evaluating several indoor positioning solutions. BlooLoc contributed its tag ánd smartphone positioning solution and is called a "top-performer" in the report, with very detailed measurement results.

BlooLoc prominently contributes to "GEO IoT World" (Brussels, May 25-26, 2016)

BlooLoc is silver sponsor, speaker, exhibitor and testbed participant at "GEO IoT World" (Brussels, May 25-26, 2016).

BlooLoc opens office at Corda INCubator, Hasselt

BlooLoc has opened an office at the Corda INCubator in Hasselt. This way BlooLoc becomes part of a dynamic, young and inspiring enterpreneurial environment. Moreover, BlooLoc is now demonstrating its indoor positioning solution in the Corda Bar.

Indoor positioning for recording paths and distances walked by staff in a clinical laboratory

Mobitrace & BlooLoc have set up a "proof-of-concept" for recording the paths and distances walked by staff in a clinical laboratory.

BlooLoc chooses Nordic #nRF51 for indoor positioning and tracking

Interview with Dirk Callaerts, CEO of BlooLoc, at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

BlooLoc at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (22-25 Feb 2016)

BlooLoc has been showing its innovative indoor positioning technology as a design partner of Nordic Semiconductor at the Norwegian Pavilion of MWC 2016 in Barcelona.

BlooLoc exhibits at CES 2016 in Las Vegas at the booth of Nordic Semiconductor

During the recent edition of CES 2016, BlooLoc presented its accurate indoor localization technology "yooBee" at the booth of Nordic Semiconductor in the Sands Expo (Tech West).