yooBee Basestations

A yooBee system is deployed as multiple Cells (of 450 m2 each) that span your site. All yooBee devices (Tags, Beacons and Smartphones) in the Cell are managed by a yooBee Basestation. A yooBee Basestation:

  • is a gateway between the yooBee devices in its range and the yooBee servers in the cloud
  • manages all yooBee devices in its cell: registering, roaming, configuration and over-the air-firmware updates
  • can be managed locally through WiFi for configuration and monitoring

yooBee Basestations are remotely accessed through the cloud console for configuration, status monitoring, over-the-air updates, RF communciation quality reporting, etc.

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yooBee Basestation based on Intel NUC DE3815

The Intel NUC DE3815 has connectivity via Ethernet and WiFi, while the WiFi can also be configured as a client. Through its local user interface (the Diagnostics Console) it is possible to configure the NUC.


yooBee Basestation based on Option CloudGate

The Cloudgate (Option) is a very modular device with connectivity options via 3G/4G and with combinations with other sensor networks (e.g. LORA). It has an extended temperature range.