yooBee: Accurate indoor positioning using sensor fusion

BlooLoc's yooBee engine solves the indoor positioning problem by sensor fusion of multiple data sources such as RF radio signals (Bluetooth Low Energy), sensor data and floorplan.

BlooLoc's yooBee indoor positioning technology has the following features:

  • High accuracy: 80% of the measurements are within 1m range
  • Reports both position and direction
  • Simultaneously supports smartphones and mobile tags
  • yooBee engine is available as an app on a smartphone (Android and iOS supported)
  • Tags and Beacons contain a NFC RF-ID chip for identification and access control purposes (tags)
  • Low set-up & maintenance cost: no cabling, no calibration or fingerprinting required, no battery replacements in the beacons required!
  • yooBee engine can leverage existing infrastructure (WiFi Access Points and iBeacons)