yooBee System Overview

yooBee is a comprehensive set of products for building your indoor location aware applications.

  1. yooBee infrastructure: at your site yooBee Basestation(s) and Beacons are installed. 
  2. yooBee mobiles: yooBee can localize both yooBee Tags and smartphones or tablets that are used by your customers, your employees, patients, kids, elderly, etc.
  3. yooBee software: there are 2 major software components in the yooBee setup:
    • Cloud SDK: this runs on BlooLoc's servers in the cloud or can be deployed in your private cloud. It contains a web interface to specify the floorplan and to configure and monitor all devices. The Cloud SDK also contains a Hub that collects measurement data and information from the yooBee Basestations in the field. Moreover, an API is provided through which you can access the positioning data stream as well as the configuration and status of all devices.
    • Mobile SDK: this runs on your favourite smartphone (Android and iOS are supported)