pallets moved without scanning

Warehousing. Faster. Smarter. Safer.

An efficient and safe warehouse with trusted real-time location mapping - for both pallets and material handling equipment - and full visibility and control over your warehouse operations.

How it works


Maximum Performance

Real-time pallet tracking

yooBeeEYE PALLET TRACK enables scan-free operations, automatically tracking all pallet movements in real-time.

  • Zero errors
  • Zero lost pallets
  • Full traceability

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Maximum Uptime

Real-time Safety

yooBeeEYE SAFE is a driver assistance system designed to prevent accidents and minimize the risk of collisions and injuries.

  • Avoid accidents
  • Protect pedestrians
  • Control speeding

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Maximum Optimization

Real-time Insights

yooBeeEYE INSIGHTS is a centralized platform for accurate information. It provides powerful insights for your warehouse operations, enabling data-driven decision-making to enhance optimization.

  • Full visibility
  • Single source of data
  • Insight-driven decision-making

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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Trends-magazine on BlooLoc

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New press release!

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