Safety is not optional. We consider safety a core function of all systems. yooBeeEYE features extensive built-in driver assistance systems and safety measures.


Avoid forklift collisions and accidents

  • yooBeeEYE driver assistance for accident avoidance reduces the chance of collisions and injuries.
    • With other manually operated equipment
    • With autonomous vehicles in a hybrid environment
  • Priority rules
  • 360° Pedestrian detection 
  • Intelligent shock-detection
Avoid forklift collisions and accidents
  • yooBeeEYE’s speed limiter reduces maximum speed in specific areas.
  • Set maximum speed for different equipment types in different areas of the warehouse
  • Use speed warnings or physical speed limitation.
  • Speed zone
Set no-go zones

Set no-go zones

  • Set different static off-limit areas for each type of equipment
    • eg. Parking under mezzanine
    • eg. Manually operated forklifts in areas where autonomous forklifts operate
  • Dynamic no-go areas: when there is a forklift in a hall
  • Minimum distance control between forklifts

360° Pedestrian Detection without the false positives

  • Digital twin knows the safe pedestrian walkways and does not activate unnecessarily
  • No wearables needed
  • Fixed cameras enable corner visibility and transmit an alert to nearby vehicles
360° Pedestrian Detection without the false positives